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Learn Carnatic Mandolin with Rakshith

Rakshith's teaching approach is an innovative blend of his expertise in music and technology, creating a distinctive learning experience for his students. Since 2018, he has been sharing his knowledge with students from various regions, including India, the US, and Europe, harnessing the power of digital connectivity to reach learners worldwide.


Drawing from his background in music, Rakshith infuses elements of creativity, rhythm, and tradition into his teaching methodology. These musical principles not only enhance the learning process but also foster a deeper understanding and appreciation for the subject matter.

The Objective

Cultivating advanced finger techniques to attain a refined playing style, while integrating a variety of concepts and ideas in Carnatic music.


Customized instruction and accompanying assignments

Every individual begins at a distinct starting point and progresses at their own pace. Customized content will be provided in each session, tailored to the ongoing assessment of each student's needs. Additionally, ample homework assignments will be assigned to reinforce the lesson. These assignments will be reviewed in the subsequent class, forming a continuous learning cycle.


Individuals of any skill level can engage in learning

Classes are available at various proficiency levels to accommodate diverse skill levels.

  • Novice: Introduction to exercises and fundamental compositions (geetha, swarajathi).

  • Intermediate: Progression to advanced exercises and intermediate compositions (varna, krithis, Tillanas).

  • Proficient: Exploration of advanced improvisational concepts including raga alapana, swarakalpana, neraval, and Raga Thana Pallavi.


Further Information

  • Weekly sessions conducted via the Google Meet platform, ranging from 30 to 40 minutes in length, adjusted according to the lesson's complexity and the student's learning pace.

  • Slow-paced lesson videos will be made available upon Rakshith's discretion if deemed necessary.

  • Periodic face-to-face group practice sessions are organized by Rakshith at his residence, providing students with opportunities for competitive playing.

Student Testimonials

Student testimonial - Vignesh Venkatachalam
"Learning with Rakshith has been a wonderful journey so far. He has a profound interest in Carnatic music, which he displays masterfully through this little western instrument; the Mandolin. He has a relaxed yet rigourous teaching style which does not compromise on the essence of Classical music while still tailoring to the needs of the student. While learning through an online medium is a bit difficult, he is able to impart his knowledge while also correcting any mistakes that I commit with a patient demeanour. His suggestions for practice exercises have always helped me improve my playing. The discussions about music that we have during these classes have been quite inspirational as well. Looking forward to many more classes with you, Rakshith!"

Vignesh Venkatachalam

MSc Graduate, Hamburg University of Technology, Germany

  • I live outside of India. Am I still eligible to enroll and join the classes?
    Absolutely! Online classes are conducted via Google Meet, and scheduling can be adjusted to accommodate different time zones.
  • How can I commence my learning journey?
    Select 'Sign up now!' and complete the form. Rakshith will be in touch within 7 days to provide additional details and guidance for the next steps.
  • What are the essentials for attending class sessions?
    You'll need an electric mandolin (U Srinivas design), a guitar amplifier, a guitar cable, and a plectrum. Additionally, a computer/tablet with a webcam and a stable internet connection are required.
  • How do I obtain an electric mandolin?
    Electric mandolins designed in the style of U Srinivas are typically custom-made. Rakshith will provide guidance on how to proceed with ordering one.
  • May I record class sessions?
    Video recordings of classes require prior permission from Rakshith. However, videos of lessons played slow may be shared when necessary upon Rakshith's discretion. Please note that all recordings remain under Rakshith's copyright and are strictly for personal reference. Any unauthorized distribution, publication, or upload constitutes copyright infringement and is subject to legal repercussions.
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